I&D Partners Co Ltd.

Our Company

We specialize in the trade and export of a selection of timber products such as firewood, oak railway sleepers, hardwood decking, oak framed buildings, pallet elements, industrial timber for PB and MDF manufacturers etc.

I&D Partners Co Ltd. markets their products world-wide, exporting to the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Austria, China. We proudly offer a full and professional service which we will tailor make to your unique needs and requirements. Our goal is simple just to provide the best available products at the best available prices on the market.

Our Mission

I&D Partners Co are to provide a reliable, informed and full professional services which we tailor make to your specific needs and requirements. Our goal is simply to provide the best available product at the best available price on the market.

We guarantee that all of our products are from the best available sources, guaranteeing you quality.

Our Products

We guarantee to offer only quality products sourced from reputed manufacturers.
Industrial Timber

Industrial timber

This timber is using as a raw material for producing of Raw Chipboard and MDF boards.

New Oak Railway Sleepers

New Oak Railway Sleepers

We manufacture our sleepers of a rarely grown in Bulgaria oak species.

Wood Chips

Wood Chips

Wood chips are made by cutting, or chipping, larger pieces of wood. Wood chips may be used as a biomass solid fuel and are raw material for producing wood pulp.



All our hardwood logs contain only well kiln dried firewood such as Beech and Oak all these firewood's are ideal for wood burners


About us

I&D Partners.com is the web connection for I&D Partners Co. Ltd. in Burgas, Bulgaria, run by Mr. Ivaylo Petrov.

I&D Partners Co. Ltd. is a trading company focused in import and export wide range of the best quality goods world-wide.