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New Oak Railway Sleepers

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New Oak Railway Sleepers

We manufacture our sleepers of a rarely grown in Bulgaria oak species, Quercus Cerris - a species, chosen for its physical and botanical properties and characteristics - for example, it is harder and with a higher density that the regular oak Quercus Robur. More useful is the fact that in wet environment it does not rot, which is most suitable for gardening and landscaping purposes.

Our sleepers are completely environmentally friendly, there is absolutely no thermal or chemical treatments applied to our timber, however we can supply and fit on request iron S-clamps to both ends to ensure the sleepers are prevented from splitting or cracking. The most common size of our sleepers is 200 mm/100 mm/2300 mm. The length that we supply is because the transportation method gives us a width restriction for loading, however if over sized sleepers / beams are required, they can be supplied but with different costing and loading criteria.

Creative uses for railway sleepers

With a multitude of uses, sleepers are a gardener's best friend. But you can also use them indoors there's no reason why you can't create indoor furniture and features using them, for example as a gorgeous, chunky mantelpiece, a rock-solid settee or bed base and even a dining table. They can be used also for:

  • Raised beds filled with soil and plants.
  • Steps.
  • An entire garden paved with them instead of flagstones, gravel or paving.
  • Garden benches, demarked seating areas, seats and tables.
  • As super-strong fencing, or as an alternative to a low brick front garden wall.
  • Etc.

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